Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The official 100 Challenge website is up!

BOOM! Last night, my long-sufferinng flatmate John and I put this together. Okay, he whispered sweet-nothings in nerd to WordPress, while I shouted at it repeatedly. He assured me I wouldn't be able to break it.

I did one better; I created. I am tired. Go here and look:


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 1: The Hundred Push-Up Challenge

Somehow between talk of guns and republicans, Hank Williams became the topic of conversation and a gauntlet was thrown. Not by me.

This gauntlet to be precise: http://hundredpushups.com/

I won't go into the details, but basically, I never back down from a challenge, so on May 18, guns will be drawn, videos will be posted, and the entrant who can complete 100 full push-ups gets the honour and the glory. I will also bake them a cake of their choice from my staggering repertoire.

So far the following folk have taken up the challenge: @ @ @ @ @ @ @

For each push-up completed and video posted on May 18th I will donate R1 to www.writeourfuture.org

It would be great if you chose someone to champion in a similar manner. R100 isn't much, but it goes a long way to improving the lives of the children at No-ofisi Primary School. Please see their website for more details. As the challenge progresses I will also post more information on this amazing initiative.

This is my first "assessment" video. Weekly updates of as many of us as we can will also be posted for your amusement.

This is @avesse's "assessment":

Here is Charlie's Assessment: http://twatterbleep.com/2011/03/100-pushup-challenge-day-0-assessment/

Speak soon, y'all.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

If you've got somebody who loves you, and who you love back - you're very lucky.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is this it?

Yes, this blog is looking terribly stale. And I can but only apologise from the bottom of my heart to you all for me being so neglectful. I have much to write- many stories to post, and I will get to them in time, but right now my research is consuming almost every waking thought I have. I do like to think about other things while I am in the shower - relationships, money-making schemes, what clothes I will put on then I get out of the shower - meaningful things such as those, but right now, my work feels like a bad case of food poisoning that needs to be expelled from my being as quickly as possible.

So right now I'm at the office. It's 10.45pm which isn't that late, but seeing as I've been here since 8am (bar a brief trip to go for a swim and have a bite to eat). It's been a long day. Right now I'm working on a seminar presentation for next week. After I'm done I have around 40 3rd year History of Economic Thought essays to mark. I'll probably leave them for tomorrow morning though. The upcoming seminar is my big moment. My 30mins of ego and fame before my colleagues, friends, and anyone else who knows that in exchange for listening to my talk there is a free lunch to be gained.

What I will present to them is a brief background to what I'm doing, the necessity of why I'm doing it, how I have done what I've done, and what still needs to be done. And the results. Afterwards they will open the floor and they will make comments, suggestions, and if I'm unlucky I'll have to defend why the hell I've taken 12months to produce two slides of results...

The painstaking part is that for the past year I've been reading, thinking, theorising, and designing - grappling with a discourse I didn't speak, a literature that I didn't understand, and a topic that seemed to change everytime I looked at it. It's be an experience. Granted, I did a lot of other things aside from work last year - but in the background there was a constant hum of comprehension and digestion. And what do I have to show for it? Well, the results are pretty much identical to all the other research in this field that has been done before. FAIL.

Beatrice (friend, mentor, colleague) tells me this is normal. "It's only like that because you've figured it out." Nicoli (supervisor's wife and rockstar academic) tells me I have a valuable result. Yet I still feel like I've done nothing.

Truth is, I have done something. I've proved a result in the South African context than is congruent with the overarching theoretical framework and empirical studies - I have made a useful contribution to the literature. Meh. Is this it?

If that is the case - I had better make it as beautiful as I can.